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During his 23 years of life, l Corporación Naim-Curico, He has served more than four thousand children, between 5 and 18 years old  “From and on the street”, who are exposed to high social risk , with maladaptive behaviors such as crime, drug addiction and alcoholism, among others, where the  90% have been able to overcome their situation .


It currently has two foster homes , where nearly 300 children and young people are cared for.  One of its major tasks is the integration of children into the regular school system , ensuring their successful stay.


This would not be possible without a team of professionals, including Social Assistants , Psychologists and Educators , who provide them daily with the necessary tools to achieve important opportunities in their lives .

Since its inception, parallel to the business line, C. Abud & Cía has developed a social area through the Naim-Curicó Corporation . Naim was founded in June 1998 by Silvia Sittler , current member of the board of directors and legal representative, with the active collaboration of Christian Abud


We have the support of small and large producers and fruit companies such as Exportadora Frusan , who have not only supported economic management, but have also been interested in visiting and learning about this great challenge,  giving life to what we call the  "Community of Hearts" , where we have a permanent commitment, so that our trees in addition to producing fruit,  produce big smiles from each of the children.


Do you want to collaborate with the Naim Corporation ?
www. naimcurico .cl

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