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We cover management operational , technical , economic , accounting and financial of fruit orchards.


This service seeks to satisfy the multiple needs of our clients , from the search of the field  to theconstruction of the project, planting , training , production and future  marketing .  


The final objective is to deliver a complete solution to the producer / investor , where the optimal operation of the plant, and therefore the maximum possible profitability of the orchard.


Stages of Management process

We maximize  the profitability of the orchard

at each stage of project development



Today, operating the field requires a comprehensive and holistic vision of the administration.


Sustainability, compliance with regulations and certifications , the relationship with the different stakeholders, carry out a clean production and caring for the environment are essential.


In the Management Area in coordination with the Support Areas  Technical  and Agricultural Production and the valuable contribution of our Innovation Center , we are constantly studying and innovating in the way of doing agriculture in a responsible and sustainable way .


Administration, Management and Finance Manager

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