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The Innovative Techniques that we apply at Viveros Montefrutal

Cherry tree plants that are early and adaptable to different types of soil, and a clone of Hayward kiwi (clone 8) that allows obtaining a fruit with a more cylindrical shape -therefore, at a better price-, of good size, with more fertility per bud. fruit tree, with less emission of lateral buttons, especially deformed, thus facilitating the thinning work, are some of the innovative works currently carried out by Viveros “Montefrutal”, belonging to the company C. Abud & Cia. of the fruit industry.

“As a company, being at the forefront of innovation and anticipating changes is essential and an important part of our daily work is focused on this work. We are a company dedicated to fruit growing in an integral way. At the same time we fulfill the role of managers, producers and technical advisers, for this reason the work we carry out in the nursery is crucial, we check scientific advances in our own gardens, thus delivering solutions generated from our own knowledge ", says Christian Abud, Managing Director of C. Abud & Cia.

Viveros Montefrutal was born in 2007 from a need of the agricultural area of C. Abud & Cia, to be able to have a better selection of sour cherry as a standard for multiple varieties of cherries.

“Over time and once the pattern has been validated in our orchards and at the request of the clients, we are encouraged to sell plants.

Today we have approximately 1,500 hectares planted in different valleys with great success in the production, quality and sustainability of the orchards.

We currently have bare root and bag formats, both from our selection of serpents and meristematic clones. The latter occupy more than 85% of our plant supply ”, adds Felipe Irarrázaval, Manager of the Agricultural Area.

At the same time, and due to the increased demand for kiwi plants, production was resumed two years ago, looking for a new way to make plants of superior quality, healthy and that provide better characteristics to the variety.

"This is why we partner with one of the most innovative nurseries in Italy, implementing new formats from woody stakes and tomuri patterns, which allow plants to be finished in the same year and have a greater diversity of kiwi patterns", assures Irarrázaval .

As the majority of clients are advised by the company, there is a double responsibility towards them “and that makes us very prudent in the commitments we make.

As fruit producers, we are more than clear about what it means to start with a second-quality plant or to have everything prepared and not have the plant. On the other hand, our prestige in the professional area, built in more than thirty years, is an asset that we take care of every day ”, concludes Irarrázaval.

The Vivero's marketing model is based on the after-sales service, which begins with the start-up of the plants until the first year of training.

During this period visits are made to the orchards to see the percentage of seizure and sprouting of the plants delivered.


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