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We are a company specialized in consulting , administration , research , technical support and management of fruit projects . Our headquarters are located in Curicó, VII region and we work with producers from VI to VIII region.  


Our history begins more than 30 years ago when Christian Abud , Agronomist Engineer from the University of Chile, in his permanent search for excellence and innovation in the fruit industry, started his own project after working in the Kiwi, Carozos and Grape program. of Mesa for Dole Chile.


This is how Agrícola Montefrutal was born in 1991 with 8 ha planted with kiwi and pears in Curicó. Along with the Agricultural work, Christian Abud provides advice to fruit and wine producers, transferring the acquired knowledge , mainly, to Kiwi and Cherry producers.  In that same year, in the field of CSR and thanks to the vision and drive of his wife Silvia Sittler, he helped form the Naim Curicó Corporation , an entity dedicated to welcoming, educating and protecting children at risk, who in it currently serves more than 300 vulnerable children and young people .


Subsequently, it forms Prokiwi , a group of producers who through associativity manage to strengthen and improve their negotiating power . As a consequence of experience and good results, this format is extended to other species such as cherries , plums, and pomaceous, giving rise to Profruta , which currently handles a volume of 1.8 million boxes , with a medium and long seal and commercial look. term.


Currently , the company provides a unique , comprehensive and effective service , generating a deep feedback from technical management , property administration , commercial management and finally innovation . 

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Work as a team with joy, optimism, perseverance and professionalism, always innovating , to  discover in the shortest time  possible , the optimal operation of the plant and the maximum profitability , according to each fruit orchard.


To form a true Fruit Community , in which each member feels listened to , respected and valued , so that it flourishes and produces abundant fruits .

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