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Agricultural Administration and Management Service


Adding value to national fruit growing through the provision of services to people or companies that want to start or improve their business model, thus delivering a solution to the producer so that he can obtain an optimal operation of his plantation, and consequently the maximum possible profitability of the orchard is one of the main objectives of the Administration and Property Management area of Abud & Cía.

“We seek to satisfy the multiple needs of our clients and deliver a complete solution to the producer / investor. We offer from the search of the field, construction of the project, planting, training, production and future commercialization through our commercial platform. Today it is not enough just to operate the field. Sustainability, compliance with regulations and certifications, relationship with the different stakeholders, clean production and care for the environment are essential. For this reason, at Abud & Cia we are constantly studying and innovating in the way of doing agriculture in a responsible and sustainable way, taking care of everything, in an integral way ”, says Isabel Widmer, Manager of Administration and Finance.

Christian Abud, Managing Director, assures that “we are a company dedicated to fruit growing in an integral way, as part of our definition of value proposition. At the same time we fulfill the role of managers, producers and technical advisers. We always rely on applied scientific information and proven technology in our own orchards, we have a broad commercial vision of the market, so we deliver solutions based on the generation of our own knowledge, based on the client's needs. "

The Agricultural Administration and Management service covers the operational, technical, economic, accounting and financial management of the orchard. Once it goes into production, the fruit is marketed through the Profruta platform.


The following areas offer the agricultural administration and management service:

Operational Management:

Abud & Cia is in charge of finding a general administrator for the orchard who will be guided by the company's Agricultural Manager, in constant coordination with the technical area. The job of the general administrator is the daily work of the field, coordinating the different needs for its correct operation, in addition to controlling compliance with all the corresponding legal, environmental and labor regulations. An administrative person will also be on the premises who must enter the information and the labor control for its centralization in the headquarters of Abud & Cia.

Remuneration- Labor:

It includes:

- Calculation of monthly salaries

- Compliance with current social laws

- Payment of contributions


Risk prevention, civil liability insurance, legal documentation of workers, legal compliance with training, contracts and constant settlements (per job).


Daily control of current account balances

Review and control of payment suppliers and deposits

Scheduling of payments with credits (agrochemicals)


- Purchase budgets

- Issuance of purchase orders

- Consolidation of purchases of phytosanitary programs


- Permanent work in each of the units in the prevention area

- Monitoring compliance with worker protection

- External risk preventionist, but in constant communication and coordination

with the office


- Bi-monthly management report

- Cash flow

- Season results report


Accounting is much more than the balance and annual income. If the objective is to deliver transparent information to the investor partners, management and accounting necessarily have to talk.

The tasks that are developed in this area are:

- Acceptance and / or rejection of purchase invoices (suppliers)

- Daily entry of invoices in the system with allocation to the cost center

- Bank reconciliation, reduction of checks and payments

- Income from salary payments, social security contributions

- Bank charges

- Billing

- Determination of monthly taxes (F29)

- Declared jurisdictions

- Rent (Form. 22)

- Face-to-face procedures at SII

- Contributions

- Quarterly balance

Isabel Widmer highlights that one of the keys to success in working with producers is given by continuity over time. "In this way, on the one hand, knowledge of the client and historical information of the orchards is achieved in order to build a database that allows comparative management over time and evaluating results", she adds.

It also refers to the importance of managing. “In general, those of us who work in the field know that labor takes the largest percentage of the pie in terms of costs. Therefore, in order to carry out an in-depth analysis and in search of profitability, it is important to ask ourselves the following questions: Is it necessary to always look for the lowest possible cost? Or is sometimes the cost / caliber / final price ratio justified? When?

In order to carry out a real agricultural management, the first thing is to define the cost centers or barracks to control, so that in the orchard all the tasks and applications are designated to the barracks where the work was actually done. The budget and the monthly management are carried out with respect to these business units (UN), in order to “monitor” the estimate vs. the real one and looking for explanations for the deviations. It is important to monitor during the season. Although this method is more cumbersome and requires important monitoring, control and precision, it is what really allows us to make decisions with accurate information about what is happening in our orchards ”, he concludes.


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